IFPMA: Access Accelerated

IFPMA: Access Accelerated

A global brand for access to care


Situation: NCDs have reached a point of crisis, particularly in lower- and middle-income countries, where nearly 80 percent of NCD-related deaths occur. While deaths from communicable diseases are predicted to decrease by half by 2030, deaths from NCDs are expected to nearly double. Addressing barriers to care is crucial to reduce premature deaths from NCDs.

Insight: In an increasingly interconnected world, it is critical that the global health community bands together to develop and share best practices for increasing access to NCD care around the world. Additionally, cross-sectoral dialogue is necessary to drive on-the-ground implementation and action plans to address NCDs.

Approach: Access Accelerated is a multi-stakeholder initiative to advance access to non-communicable disease prevention and care in low and lower-middle income countries. McCann Global Health worked to support Access Accelerated and unify all stakeholders under the central message that “a life not defined by disease is a life of possibility.”

Outputs: Developed a brand and strategic communications to roll out the initiative and sustain interest, as well as demonstrate the commitment of stakeholders to increase access to NCD care around the globe. McCann Global Health developed an initiative logo/identity, website, manifesto videos and supporting info sheets/materials, still in use today. The initiative was launched at the World Economic Forum in 2017.