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Reflecting Community Pride and Confidence to Reduce Alcohol Harm in Alexandra Township, South Africa

The harmful use of alcohol is a growing issue in South Africa that has a significant impact on both individuals and communities. In 2017, alcohol attributed to 1 in every 10 deaths of South African males (WHO, 2018). As part of a broader effort to accelerate the reduction of harmful drinking worldwide, the AB InBev Foundationis funding the implementation of public health interventions in the Alexandra Township of  Johannesburg, that are informed and implemented by a locally led steering committee.

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Burdensome, Piggy-Backing Creeps Created By McCann Global Health Address Teen Vaping Crisis

Vaping among adolescents is a public health crisis; the number of youth vaping doubled last year to 3.6 million teens prompting the U.S Surgeon General to declare it a national epidemic. In late 2018, the Evelyn Lily Lutz Foundation decided they could not sit by and watch the young people in their communities suffer the consequences of nicotine addiction and the unknown health impacts of vaping idly.  

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Lessons in Communications: Hosted in New York, Considering Global Perspectives

By Elyse Winer, Strategy Intern, McCann Global Health

On Thursday, June 13th the Communications for Behavioral Impact (COMBI) Institute joined the McCann Global Health team for a discussion regarding how MGH works at the intersection of a private communications and public health causes. The COMBI Institute is a program that partners with the United Nations to grow the capacity of governments and non-governmental agencies in developing countries, specifically focusing on the development of staff in public health roles. Within the group that visited, more than 10 countries were represented, spanning areas from Bermuda to Tunisia.

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Cannes Panel Discussion On Combating Vaccine Hesitancy with Health Communications

McCann Health’s Global Medical Director Dr. Dan Carucci joined Dr. Rebecca Martin, head of Global Health at the CDC, and Seema Kumar, VP Innovation, Global Health and Policy Communication at Johnson & Johnson, on a panel to discuss how creative agencies can help address the growing trend of vaccine hesitancy in the US and UK, as well as continue to support improved vaccine uptake in low-income countries.

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Alive & Thrive’s Start Strong Campaign Launches in Kaduna and Lagos States

Breastfeeding is essential for supporting the recommended growth and development of infants, and its benefits extend well beyond basic nutrition. It increases the likelihood that newborns survive their first five years of life and has been proven to pay dividends – including upticks in national economies.

Despite evidence of the benefits of breastfeeding, in Nigeria, only 25 percent of mothers follow the World Health Organization and UNICEF recommendation to nourish their children with exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life. Enter Alive & Thrive’s Start Strong, a mass media campaign designed to inspire behavior change and improve health outcomes related to early childhood nutrition.

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Julie Ipe Talks Demand for Clean Cooking

This edition of Get to Know features Julie Ipe,  Director of Demand Generation and Behavior Change – Clean Cooking Alliance.  McCann Global Health partnered with the Alliance to promote clean cooking in Nigeria. We sat down with Julie to discuss her work, and how creativity, human truths, and multi-channel communications are driving demand for clean cooking worldwide.

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Making Family Planning Accessible with Mobile Technology

Nikhila crouches in the corner of a busy intersection in Mumbai. Her eyes dart between passing pedestrians and a crumpled issue of “Ask the Sexpert,” a weekly column in the Mumbai Mirror featuring sex advice by a 94-year old OB-GYN. Nikhila has a boyfriend and they are considering having sex. She wants to protect herself but does not know how, or who to ask.

For young women around the world like Nikhila, accessing sexual and reproductive health (SRH) is not easy. Misinformation, myths, and misconceptions about family planning persist, as do stigma and inconsistent product supply. Nivi, a company co-founded by unlikely bedfellows – a public health expert and the man behind TinyURL – has big plans to change this state of affairs.

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Driving Demand for New HIV Prevention Products

Imagine a pill that you take every day to prevent HIV. You don’t have to imagine. It exists, and it has for some time. Those in the know often refer to this pill by its brand name—Truvada—manufactured by Gilead Sciences and approved by the FDA in 2012. Since its launch in the U.S., Gilead has supported organizations that are promoting the drug and in June 2018, the company launched its own U.S.-based marketing campaign to help drive awareness and uptake of PrEP. While reports from the CDC indicate that more than one million Americans could benefit from PrEP, only 167,000 people in the U.S. are currently taking the daily pill.

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